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FACT- Most people that are victims of credit and identity fraud have no idea until it is too late! In many cases consumers only find out months or years after the crime!

Identity theft and credit fraud are becoming the largest criminal problems of the "new computer and information era". Everyday thousands of families and individuals are having their credit, finances and lives destroyed and don't even know it is happening! Don't let this happen to you!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year we will be there for you! Let us protect you around the clock from malicious attacks against your credit! Our highly trained specialists are there to identify anything abnormal or unusual. We offer protection that few others offer. We are not a computer system; we are live experts that know exactly what to look for. You will know that you are in good hands and can communicate with one of our consultants anytime day or night.

Consider our service as a security system on your credit! You are in control of when we do our inspections just like setting the alarm. We will report in full any items or abnormalities that look unusual or suspicious. Much like your latest spyware and virus protector on your computer we are up to date with the worlds most used and malicious scams and fraud alerts.

Identity Theft Protection
We've Hired Ex-Employees of Equifax and Collection Agencies

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If you are a victim of identity theft we will insure that you talk to one of our experts immediately. We will complete a brief interview to capture the essential details of your particular case and you will then be connected with a dedicated Identity Theft Specialist or Fraud Investigator who will assume overall responsibility for working with you through the credit restoration process. Restoration Eith Limited Power Of Attorney

During your initial interview with our Experts, you will be given an option to sign a Limited Power of Attorney. While various types of identity restoration services obligate you to personally attend to these matters, this will allow Canada Credit Fix to work directly with most creditors, credit reporting companies such as Equifax and Transunion as well as the various authorities on your behalf. We'll be able to:

Canada Credit Fix works directly with most creditors, credit reporting companies such as Equifax and Transunion

10 tips you can follow to help secure and protect your personally identifiable information

Below are some 10 tips you can follow to help secure and protect your personally identifiable information and ensure that your identity or your credit have not been compromised. As you can imagine, our Canada Credit Fix examines many files every week where credit fraud or identity theft has claimed another victim. These tips will guide you and help you prevent being preyed upon by the scammers and predators that prey on the innocent.

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