Analyzing Your Credit Report

Lenders base underwriting decisions on the content of your credit report along with the value of your Credit score. Rebuilding credit will improve your scores Optimizing your score involves a thoughtful reshaping of the content of your credit report; the number of trade-lines, current account balances, and the mix of credit types can have a dramatic impact, yet without proper attention this potential remains untapped.

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With your paid membership we will provide you with 12 months of credit analysis, your file continually to insure and monitor changes and revisions have taken effect. after all there is no sense in removing errors and mistakes if your score is not going to change.

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Analyzing Your Credit Report

Your credit report contains all information regarding your financial health as well as personal content. It is your credit report that is being viewed by the creditor every time you apply for a loan or mortgage. It becomes crucial for us to analyze your report on a monthly basis. The credit report can be divided into the following sections.

Sample Credit Report

Personal information:

This section serves the purpose of identification; contains your name, alias, address, current and previous employers and SIN (Social Insurance Number). It may so happen that you find more than one spelling of your name or wrong addresses. That is because it has been reported that way by the creditor. Although minor...... something as simple as spelling errors can be more troublesome than you think.


Payment History / Account History:

This section would contain information regarding the type of accounts both revolving and/or otherwise, names of the creditors and most importantly your payment pattern. This section is the most important part of your report because this is the part the creditors would look into.


Creditor's Names:

This section would list out the lenders, the credit card companies, banks, mortgage and auto loan lenders, who are reporting your payment history to the credit bureaus.


Account Number:

Of course, the account numbers would be listed beside the creditors. You may have more than one account with a certain creditor. This section would also list the nature of the account.


Account Details:

The account detail section would include information like,Date when the account was opened, Status of the account- open, revolving, instalment etc., Delinquencies, Derogatory/ charge-offs, Balance, Credit limit Terms for instalment loans and Period reviewed in the report


Collection Activities:

Next which comes in line is information regarding collection activities. This section lists out the accounts that have been with the collection agencies and reported by them to the credit reporting agencies over 7 years.


Public Information:

This section comprises of those items which can cause the most damage to your financial future. It contains information on bankruptcy, judgment and liens. So, you may take utmost care to keep this section clean.


Credit Inquiries:

The credit report also includes information on credit inquiries. There are 2 types of inquiries visible on your report.
1. Hard inquiries - Inquiries that are made by creditors with whom you have applied for loans.
2. Soft inquiries - These are made by companies that want to send you promotional information or pre approved offers.

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