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Canada Credit Fix Inc is now offering its "Foreclosure and loss mitigation program" to the Canadian mortgage lenders, insurers and consumers coast to coast. Canada Credit Fix has designed a program that could see as many as 85% of all Canadian foreclosures become avoidable. With their exclusive foreclosure and loss mitigation services being implemented both we can assist the lender and the consumer in reaching fair and reasonable action that can see people keeping their homes and avoiding foreclosure. This process converts into endless millions of dollars saved by banks, insurers and Canadian homeowners. The current system is a complete failure that is clearly proven by the scorching high amount of deficiency judgements and record loss claims made by mortgage lenders to CMHC and Genworth. The "wait and see" approach to the economy is no longer, nor has it ever been a good excuse not to mitigate losses.

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Fair Foreclosure Mitigation

Canada Credit Fix mitigating arrears and default between the lender and the homeowner will insure that settlements are fair, unbiased and most of all ethical and in everyone's best interest. The first problem with the current system in Canada is that mortgage lenders and the distressed homeowner often lack the proper communication skills or tools to resolve matters and resolution soon becomes a stalemate not to mention a conflict of interest. Often the relationship between the lender and the consumer may have become tarnished through hardships and financial stress.

Having a foreclosure on a credit report has long-term, devastating effects to consumers later in life.

Much like any divorce there usually needs to be a 3rd party mediator due to the high level of emotions involved in order to come to a reasonable settlement. The second problem occurs when matters end up on a lawyer's desk and down the path of inevitable repossession. Within days of the lawyer "touching" the hardship file the already behind homeowner may now be further behind by over $3000 because of the expensive cost of legal fees, inspection fees, appraisals, application costs etc. The real problem lies when the customer now has the $5000 mortgage arrears, but not the new balance of $8000 and now the lender has essentially created a foreclosure loss. Any intelligent businessman can see that the lawyer's role in a foreclosure file will almost always be a conflict of interest with the homeowner's position. Let's face it the lawyer's bill will get paid no matter what from either the lender or the homeowner. The fact is we need the lawyer only if this file cannot be resurrected! Do we really want the homeowner spending his money on frivolous legal fees or catching up the arrears and preventing the foreclosure? Having a foreclosure on a credit report has long-term, devastating effects to consumers later in life. Since a foreclosure will remain on a credit report for 6 to 7 years, and may reduce a credit score by more than 200 points, it is important to work out loss mitigation services early on and not wait. Loss mitigation has a much more favourable outlook for long-term financial health.

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