ANNEX: Addendum A. Disclosure: Services Form

1. Canada Credit Fix only offers foreclosure and loss mitigation Services on its own behalf and through Affiliates, Partners and third parties. It is not a financial counseling and services business or firm or a legal services business or firm. Canada Credit Fix is not a certified financial planner or a certified public accountant and does not offer these services. Canada Credit Fix does not and has not offered legal advice, and does not make legal representations in regards to any of the Services.

2. Canada Credit Fix will not make monthly payments to Mortgagee or any other party on behalf of the Mortgagor. No part of fee for Services under this Agreement will be applied towards any mortgage or debt.

3. Canada Credit Fix has not advised the Applicant or Mortgagor to stop or reduce my payments to the Mortgagee. It is entirely their decision to stop making payments if they cannot afford all minimum monthly payments. If the Applicant and Mortgagor’s circumstances change and they are again able to pay some or all creditors, they will notify Canada Credit Fix.

4. The Applicant and Mortgagor understand that the Mortgagee retains their right to pursue any legally entitled collection efforts, including reasonable collection communications efforts, arbitration and litigation. They also understand that the Mortgagee may exercise their right to foreclosure, obtain judgments and garnishees.

5. Banks and other financial institutions may have setoff rights and mortgage insurance. This means that if the Applicant and Mortgagor has a bank account and a debt, such as a credit card, with the same bank, the bank may take the money from the deposit account to satisfy credit card debt. If there is mortgage insurance, the Applicant and Mortgagor may have additional debt liability under that insurance if the foreclosure sale price is less than the outstanding.

6. Canada Credit Fix cannot guarantee that its communications on behalf of the Mortgagor with the Mortgagee will produce any specific results. Canada Credit Fix can only offer information primarily based on past experience, professional estimates, industry statistics and information supplied by Member. Canada Credit Fix does not make guarantees or provide any express or implied warranties about any elements of the Services, or communications and requests offered by Mortgagor to Mortgagee.

7. Provision of foreclosure and loss mitigation Services does NOT guarantee that the Applicant and Mortgagor will be able to mitigate their mortgage, prevent foreclosure or avoid judgments. Member understands that the mortgage lender reserves the right to continue their mortgage and foreclosure processes and obtain judgments. There is no refund to any fees paid and Applicant and Mortgagor understands the risks of repossession despite foreclosure and loss mitigation efforts. Canada Credit Fix cannot and does not guarantee and results or strategies.

8. Applicant and Mortgagor agrees to pay fees under this Agreement to Canada Credit Fix for Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation services and fully understands that in no way is this money classified as an upfront fee for payment of mortgages or to prevent foreclosure, and that these fees are non-refundable.

9. No company, including Canada Credit Fix, can guarantee or stop Mortgagee calls and communications.

10. Canada Credit Fix does not verify Applicant and Mortgagor’s financial status. It is Applicant and Mortgagor’s responsibility to be truthful with Canada Credit Fix. Canada Credit Fix may terminate this agreement if it finds that the Applicant and Mortgagor has not been completely forthcoming or have provided false or misleading information.

By signing below, the Applicant and Mortgagor acknowledge that they have read, understand and agree to the entire document and all terms, conditions and statements inclusive of the Agreement and Annex: Addendums A. If not, the Applicant or Mortgagor should seek financial or legal advice prior to signing. The Agreement and Annex: Addendum A are deemed to be executed and fully binding upon execution by Digital Signature, which is also the effective date of the Agreement.